Microdissection and cell collection instrument used as an add-on for a wide range of inverted microscopes. The instrument consists of three main parts: collection assembly head, control box and a universal microscope straddle. For mounting over an inverted microscope, upper microscope illumination must be temporarily removed.



Max Vacuum10 PSI

Pulse Duration0.1 to 1.0 sec

Sample compatibilityAdherent cells, suspended cells, 3D cultures, native, fresh frozen, sucrose treated and fixed tissues

ResolutionSingle cell for cultures and 20 µm for tissue sections

Viability of Collected Cellsup to 99%

Available DCU IDs10 µm to 100 µm

Vertical Travel Step1.5 µm

Specimen HolderStandard

Acquisition VolumeDCU20 µm - 10 nl to 2.5 µl; DCU30 µm - 35 nl to 3.0 µl; DCU40 µm - 70 nl to 5.0 µl

Collection SpeedTissue sections - up to 12 cells/minute Cell cultures - up to 25 cells/minute

Microscope compatibilityA wide range of inverted microscopes (please, consult NDX)


Notable Features

  • Rare cell collection from adherent cultures and 3D cultures
  • Efficient tissue microdissection and isolation of individual cells
  • High viability of collected cells for clonal expansion
  • High quality RNA and protein for downstream studies
  • Simple operation with minimal training
  • Flexibility and versatility – fits any inverted microscope
  • Compact and esy to use instrument with minimal training required
  • Most cost-efficient microdissection system

How it works

Main use of UnipicK™ is microdissection of complex heterogeneous tissues such as the brain for a plethora of downstream applications including -omics studies. RNA isolated from collected tissue regions exhibits high integrity and low degradation rates with RIN >9.0. Subsequent labeling protocols (e.g. T7 based) consistently produce high incorporation yields making it suitable for downstream PCR, microarray and sequencing analyses.

UnipicK™ can also acquire individual cells from cell cultures and tissues, providing reliable and affordable means of most sophisticated experimentation. Operation of this instrument is intuitive and requires minimal training. Cells collected from cultures demonstrate no effect on their viability (up to 99% after collection) therefore suitable for clonal expansion or reculturing.

The instruments’ low cost, ease of use, single cell resolution, and minimal impact on cell viability, make it a unique and vital research tool. Importantly, UnipicK™ is a free-standing instrument that can be mounted over a wide range of inverted microscope models using our universal straddle, providing additional flexibility in the laboratory.

If you have questions about the delivery, installation and operation of the device, see our FAQ section

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