UnipicK+™ is a universal digital platform for tissue microdissection, single cell acquisition, and deposition into the single wells for further molecular analysis or clonal expansion. The main working principle is based on the capillary based vacuum pulse assisted technology (CTAS; Kudo et al, 2012). UnipicK+™ can isolate cells from a variety of formats, including tissue sections, adherent cultures, cell suspensions, 3D cultures, smears, and microfluidic chips. It features full digital control and an optional automation. It may be used as an integrated system with Olympus inverted microscopes (CKX41, IX73 and IX83) or as an add-on with our universal microscope straddle for a wide range of commercially available inverted microscopes, allowing researchers to add single cell isolation capabilities to their lab bench.



Max Pressure5 PSI

Max Vacuum10 PSI

Impulse Duration0.1 to 1.0 sec

Sample compatibilityAdherent cells, suspended cells, 3D cultures, native, fresh frozen, sucrose treated and fixed tissues

ResolutionSingle cell for cultures and 20 µm for tissue sections

Viability of Collected Cellsup to 99%*

Available DCU IDs10 to 100 µm

Travel Step1.5 µm

Specimen Holder1.5 mm 25 mm slides, 35 mm and 50 mm Petri dishes, 48 PCR tube holder

Deposition CapacityDCU20 µm - 10 nl to 2.5 µl DCU30 µm - 35 nl to 3.0 µl DCU40 µm - 70 nl to 5.0 µl

Collection SpeedTissue sections - up to 12 cells/minute

Cell cultures up to 25 cells/minute

Microscope compatibilitya wide range of inverted microscopes (Compatibility table)

AutomationOptional (UnipicK+Auto)

Notable Features

  • Single and rare cell collection from adherent cultures and 3D cultures
  • Efficient tissue microdissection and isolation of individual cells
  • Single cell comparative and RAMP adhesion assays
  • Isolation of regions of interests (ROIs) from fixed tissue specimen
  • High viability of collected cells for clonal expansion
  • High quality RNA and protein for downstream studies
  • Touch screen intuitive operation
  • Available as an integrated system or as an add-on that fits most inverted microscopes
  • Optional automation with Märzhäuser Wetzlar GmbH SCAN IM 120x80 stage
  • Fraction of the cost of any laser assisted microdissection instrument

How it works

UnipicK+™ is designed to microdissect tissue sections, collect and deposit individual cells from any adherent cultures grown in standard cell culture dishes in as small as 15 nl volume, that is compatible with various downstream single cell analyses and next generation sequencing. Like UnipicK™, the system may be used with a wide range of inverted microscopes. The benefits include cost-efficiency, simple operation, digital interface, complete workflow from single cell isolation to downstream analysis, compatibility with a wide range of inverted microscopes and use of standard plates and culture dishes.

In addition to cell and tissue collection capabilities, UnipicK+™ allows for measurements of single cell adhesion force providing important functional information.

If you still have questions about the delivery, installation and operation of the device, see the answers in the FAQ section

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